Presentation of Yammer

Yammer is a private social network that allows all users to collaborate in groups organized into teams, projects and themes. It provides a central location for sharing information within a team, communicating and organizing projects. Yammer simplifies access to information and helps reduce delays, collaborate, and transmit best practices inside and outside the organisation.

Démonstration vidéo sur Yammer

Example of the Yammer training course with Lemon Learning:

  • Master and explain the features of Yammer
  • Participate in conversations and use tags to enrich contributions
  • Publish files and collaborate on documents
  • Create groups, notes and share links from the Internet or other apps
  • Find the information quickly by using the search engine
  • Manage subscriptions and notifications, update your profile
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Yammer: Step-by-step training with Lemon Learning

  •  Step-by-step guides, detailed with good user practices.
  • Rich, interactive content and the ability to set up tooltips (contextual information).
  • Adaptation to the customer graphic charter, choice of themes, possibility of user side gamification.